Some steps towards the creation

2017 AlphaAndOmega by Julia Richter, Oil on canvas about 80x60cm


Newest work… really amazed with the outcome

This is the first time I actually really love  a painting of mine. I am just very, very happy with the look, proportions and colors. ‘Alpha and Omega’ took me about a month (mostly my Sundays) but it was all worth it! The size of the painting is about 80 by 60 cm and it’s currently drying, awaiting it’s framing and varnishing at a later stage.


How to paint skin – Digital Art Tutorials on You Tube

In my fascinating quest of becoming a better artist, I have followed many interesting You Tube tutorials for painting faces or skin. Istebrak’s critic hours have taught me some very basic techniques and also that the attention to detail can change a good face painting to a great face painting. I would recommend for the start up her older tutorial ‘How to Paint Skin Realistically (Using a Face)’ as this one really taught be the basics very quickly and in a way that was applicable for myself.

Istebrak's 'How to paint skin'
Istebrak’s ‘How to paint skin’
Face Painting by Jesus Conde
Face Painting by Jesus Conde
Skin Paint Tutorial by Cubebrush
Skin Paint Tutorial by Cubebrush

But there are many other good tutorials available and one has to find it’s own way of doing things. So good to get different ideas. I was also very impressed by Mar Brunette’s (Cubebrush) tutorial as well as Jesus’ Conde’s face and full body tutorial ( and ) as well as many others after. Here a my suggestions:

First to follow:

Istekrak (2013): How to Paint Skin Realistically (Using a Face)

Jesus Conde (2014): How to paint in photoshop _ Skin

Cubebrush (Mark Brunette): Coloring a head in photoshop


Istebrak (2016): Critique Hour! Edgework, skintones, detail and more!

Istebrak: Part 1: How to Paint a Realistic Anime Face

Jesus Conde (2014): How to paint skin in photoshop ENGLISH

Istebrak: Critique Hour – The Uncanny Valley and How to Avoid It